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    On the bleeding line, first of all the free feet of the bodies that are transferred in front of the foot change apparatus with the back feet tied up, are to be flayed op to the joint or cut at the joint level with foot scissors without being flayed.  



     The back foot which is flayed and the trotter of which is separated, is to be taken to the process line with the lifting resistance of the hydraulic system by fastening a hook on the joint. Then the same process is to be applied on the other foot tied up with the same hobble. 





     In this system operating with hydraulic power, there are two pistons with the lifting capacity of 2000 kg.

    An apparatus at the length of 40 cm on the main transfer line which can lower down to a distance of 65 cm as a separate line, locks the part of the foot at its joint part and couples it with the rail line. It is moved with the interference of the operator working on the graduated platform